Which area of photography does WonderFingers cater to ?
Wonder Fingers specialises in Maternity/Prenatal, Newborn and
Baby Photoshoots.

Does WonderFingers have a Studio ?
No! We dont have studio.  For Indoor photoshoot we do photosession at clients house by setting up a mini studio with props and for Outdoor photoshoots  we shoot at location mutually agreed upon.

What type of Photoshoots are done ?
Our photo sessions are categorised into Portraits | Conceptual | Lifestyle | CandidOur photo sessions are categorized into Portraits | Conceptual | Lifestyle | Candid

Whether the images are raw or edited ?
Yes! all the images will be enhanced and touched upon to give it a completely professional appeal.

When can I expect to see my photos ?
We would need post processing time of 3 weeks after the Photosession.

Maternity / Prenatal Photoshoots

What would be the best time to do Prenatal/ Maternity Photoshoot ?
7 to 8th month is the perfect period to do the photoshoot, because the mother to be is more mobile during the shoot as she can experiment more on the poses and travel to locations and also the baby bump is clearly seen during this period.

What type of dress you recommend for the prenatal photoshoot?
We will discuss with you at the initial stages about the dress code to understand your style of dressing. We suggest 3 change of clothes maximum for the photoshoot.
First and foremost, wear what is most comfortable and “Be YOURSELF”.

Useful Suggestions to be considered during Pre-Natal Photoshoot:

  • Clothing for maternity photo shoots should be tight-fitting around the belly.
  • Loose and baggy shirts and pants will only hide the pregnant stomach.
  • Stretch pants and pants that have low waistlines won’t bunch up as the woman is posing or sitting, and are a good idea to wear during a shoot. In addition, tight-fitting tank tops and maternity tops that have thin fabrics that cling to the body are also good choices for maternity portraits.
  • Regular jeans un-buttoned always look great! Long fitted dresses can lengthen and slenderize your overall appearance yet display your ample belly.
  • Flowy skirts or Jeans (not maternity) with a bandeau is a lovely way to bear your bump and don’t forget about favorite accessories to showcase you personal style, perhaps a hat, boots, jewelry, scarves, etc. Be sure to plan for a number of changes and looks using different colors and styles to get the most out of your session.
  • Keep clothing selections for maternity portraits simple. Stripes and busy patterns can hide the stomach or distract attention away from it. Instead, stick with solid colors.

What Props are used for Prenatal Photoshoot ?
Few of our props include variety of Tiaras | Maternity Sash | Chalkboard | Wooden alphabetic cubes | sonography etc.We believe in creative  poses and angels which will do wonder to the photosession than making it prop oriented.

Newborn Photoshoot

Which period according to you would be the Best period to do a Newborn/Baby Photoshoot?
Perfect time to capture the newborn photoshoot is from 0 – 15th day of the childs life, so that you capture your babys natural wriggly and curvy posture which only for few days of the babys life. The next good time for baby photos is around 3-4 months when babies have good head control – babies get giggly at this age which is great for photos . Then again when babies are between 6-8 months – there’s a window of opportunity at this age that is ideal for photos – right when baby is able to sit-up unassisted (it’s ok to be a little wobbly) but not yet crawling. We get adorable shots at this age! Then of course, around 12 months when babies are on their feet!

What props do you offer for Newborn/Baby Photoshoot?
We have chosen props to address the comfort level of the baby . Our collection has a range of Knitted caps | various baskets | wraps & Blankets | Fur | Wooden alphabetic cubes and chalkboard .

Important points to address while handling Babies during photoshoots:

  • Keep the Baby Cozy – Babies are used to being nice and toasty in their mother’s womb, and they’re unable to regulate their own body temperature when fresh out of the oven. Newborns are extra fussy if they’re too hot or cold, while they’re much more inclined to sleep if you keep the temperature in your studio at a balmy atmosphere.
  • Put Them To Sleep With a Full Tummy – A hungry baby is a fussy baby, so make sure your mini-model is well fed before the photo session. The good news is that babies are notorious for dozing off at the breast or bottle, so chances are they’ll be zonked out for your shoot if they’ve eaten well.
  • Burp the Baby – Gassy babies are in no mood to be photographed, so make sure to give them a good burping before beginning your session. Excess gas will keep babies awake and uncomfortable, and you want them to be docile for their moment in the spotlight

Do you offer customised packages?
Yes! we offer everything related to PreNatal and Baby Photography. With our wide array of props and experience we shall be able to design completely customized photosession so that you can create wonderful memories. The different packages that we offer are newborn, 6 month and 12 month photo sessions package. We are Just a phone call away. and we can work it out. You can also check out the pricing page for more details.

How long will the Photosession take ?
Most newborn shoots take 2 – 3 hours to complete. This is because you will need to feed, and change the baby (sometimes several times) before reaching that optimum sleep. I will take some photographs of the baby awake, but of my photographs will be while he or she is asleep. You can help by feeding baby 30 minutes prior to my arrival. You can then top him/her off while i am setting up for the shoot