Celebrate your body and the beautiful glow of pregnancy with creative, custom photographs. Pregnancy is a very proud and important time in the life of a mother, she may wish to preserve in memory long after gestation ends. WonderFingers captures the sensitivity of the mother, and possibly the rest of her family, in the most flattering ways possible. We present your prenatal moments to enable you to celebrate your maternity through photos.

This can be just when your are starting to fill out…or at every stage of your pregnancy. WonderFingers ensures your privacy and makes it a positive, fun experience, where you can embrace your body in this beautiful form.


There is nothing quite as special as the arrival of your precious baby.  Capture those first amazing moments as early as you possibly can, preferably between 4 and 14 days old.Whether you have sleepless nights, or your’e that lucky one that has a baby that sleeps 8 straight hours a night… get that photo session BOOKED the sooner the better as everyday they are growing and changing at an alarming rate. As difficult as it is to imagine… it will be hard to remember this stage! Wonder fingers specialty is in capturing the absolute pure love and awe you feel, in a natural, beautiful way, in the comfort of your own home.

The newborn sessions take about 2 hrs mostly indoor session, with a very relaxed, no pressure day…lots of time for feeding, changing, crying etc.


We all grow up but little do we remember that those times were immense fun where we enjoyed without responsibility. Take the time to capture these growing years, as these little people grow up..eventually . We can have a variety of shoots combing indoor as well as outdoor giving the whole experience a lot of color. Babies grow up so fast, and we know how vital it is to capture those first precious months and years with quality baby pictures from Wonder fingers. We capture your little one’s special personality and lend it some professional touch to give you that lasting impression. Baby photography requires a delicate approach and a warm, friendly attitude in order to create perfect baby portraits. Our experienced photographers can bring out the smiles and giggles in your baby, creating baby and newborn pictures you will cherish for many years to come.


There are so many events surrounding a the birth of a baby from pre-birth to post birth leading right up to its 1st birthday. These are special moments that parents like to treasure as part of their parenting. We at Wonder fingers add an element of professionalism and some creativity to make the event memorable.  Be it a baby shower or a grand first birthday celebration Wonder fingers shall help you capture you and your guests and let you have fun, while we capture your happy moments.

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