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The Journey

Post marriage I started realizing that the desk job was no longer exciting as I always wanted to do something creative. My family was quite encouraging as they realised that I had an aptitude to capture nice images. In the year 2012  I then received my first sophisticated  DSLR as a gift , it was one of the high points in my life post delivery. As I started exploring the camera with my favorite subject (till date) , my son , I could not stop clicking as I wanted to capture each of his milestones. My first maternity shoot was a big support from one of my sister who was expecting her 1st  baby and asked me to click her and it became a hit.  Soon the images started doing the rounds generating request from her friends and my friends for doing a photoshoot. My love for the subject and the camera began to show and word began to spread.

Here is where my great support and lifeline my husband came to the fore and helped me go professional. I enrolled for several workshops and did a full fledged course in Photography so that I can perform the task more diligently. The need to learn continues even today as I believe that one can never stop learning. 

"Who am I " ?​My name is  Shobana, a hardcore Mumbaikar right from my birth. While learning the finer points of honing my artistic skills, I also had a great liking for photography. Hence armed with a basic digital camera at my disposal I used to shoot pictures of my family, cousins and friends at different intervals and different occasions. The thrill of documenting  memories used to excite me a great deal as it brought back nostalgic memories. The memories of childhood and the way it was captured made me very excited reinforcing the desire to get behind the lens.As I grew up I realised that the love of photographing MEMORIES have always been there in me and "creative me"  have always tried editing. ​​​


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